Adam - Radhika

Welcome to our neo-Renaissance style home located in one of the most beautiful streets in the “capital of cool” of Belgium-Antwerp. Designed by Francois Toen, our home is a protected monument. Our home is nestled in between an impressive group of houses and individual villas, all built between 1894 and 1908 and preserved virtually intact.

Garden of Eden a contemporary luxury Bed and Breakfast which boasts of artistic sensibility and relaxation, with luxurious and spacious guest rooms, relaxing and calm garden with a koi pond, dining options and a classy lounge bar. Garden of Eden aims at taking it’s Guests on a voyage back in time during their stay in this stunning house while not losing sight of the luxuries needed for a high-quality stay.

In view of being ecologically conscious, we make every endeavor to be a sustainable enterprise.

About the Hosts

We are husband and wife, Adam and Radhika. Falling in love with some-one on the other side of the globe will probably give you some insight into our quest for knowledge of another culture, another way of life, experiences with gastronomy, customs and diverse people plus exploring amazing places in another country.

It is with this drive, that we decided to make an oasis for people from all corners of the world to be able to explore a vibrant city while having a place to call home. Having travelled extensively, our combined experiences of the horeca services sector encompassing experiences from 5 stars to AirBnBs or hostels, we believe that we possess a holistic understanding what translates into a comfortable and ideal stay while exploring a new place.

Moreover, our journey in love has motivated us to transform our BnB into a little Garden of Eden, Adam with his Eve-Radhika, a place that is an embodiment of perfect harmony, happiness, tranquility and comfort. It is our way of symbolizing a paradise.